Alephograph: Architecture, drawing and video games.

Bureaucratic Thaw

Bureaucratic Thaw

These architectural investigations take the fabric of the United Nations building in New York and peel away at it, drawing through moments in the organisation's history, places and architectural intersections, and through the daily machinations of the bureaucratic malaise, revealing a new propositional order behind the space. 


A sculpture made from HVAC fixtures and asbestos isolation tape hanging in the public lobby commemorating the refurbishment of the UN Building


A ceiling installation in the Secretary General's banquet room inspired by the UN Oil-for-food scandal. 


Environmental and air conditioning systems respond to the climate of the delegates.


Mutually assured destruction holding together the UN Security Council.

The historical face of the institution as a proscenium in the UN television studios.


The welcome desk is the first thing guests to the building see of the UN. Armoured peace keeping vehicles are the first thing many citizens around the world see of the UN.