Alephograph: Architecture, drawing and video games.

Videogame Urbanism: Bartlett MArch Urban Design RC12

Videogame Urbanism:
MArch Urban Design RC12

Luke Caspar Pearson and Sandra Youkhana (You+Pea)

RC12 make games. We investigate urbanism and the future of cities through the use of video game technologies. The research cluster speculates on new urban forms by allowing people to interact and experience their logics through game spaces. We believe that video games offer designers new opportunities to speculate on our cities, by imbuing them with their own logics, politics and value systems that are in a constant communication with the player. We see games as an alternative model of computation for architecture that combines the algorithmic with the artistic to synthesise new worlds.

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Drawing of the Playable Planning Notice game, by Zhibei (Mica) Li, Shenghan (Hannah) Wu, Meiwen Zhang (2017), winners of the Bartlett BPro Gold award for best Urban Design Project 2017.